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Welcome to British Classic Motor Bikes website

As usual it has been a very long time since we have updated our website (nothing new about that then!).

It has been a busy year since the last show with numerous projects and currently I am half way through my second Vincent Black Shadow of the year. 

Roland has finally got his BSA C10L on the road after 35 years of not riding a motorcycle.  It seems like he takes every opportunity to ride when the sun is shining and enjoying every minute, which is so good to see.




At the end of last year’s show a chap came up to me and said ‘your bikes never fail to impress’, which was a wonderful compliment.  He went on to say that he regretted not trying to buy the Norton International from me at the show a couple of years ago, as he owned one as a teenager.  He said he had looked at several but they had not lived up to his expectations.  I told him it was his lucky day as I had one waiting to be restored.  Mike came to see me after the show and I agreed I would have it ready for this year’s show (no pressure then!).  The 1956 bike has now been finished and will be at the Bristol Classic Motorbike Show (I’ve ran out of Norton International projects now!)


About 3 years ago Giles called me and said that he had just purchased a 1956 German Maico Mobil from Ebay and would I restore it for him.  I agreed to take it on, but I did take one look at it and thought ‘what have I done here?’

It is an extremely rare machine and parts are almost impossible to obtain.  To acquire them you need to spend many hours searching on the Internet, and being fluent in German would have been useful (Giles’s German is now quite good!).  Numerous parts were missing and virtually unobtainable so this meant a lot had to be made in house.  The condition of the machine was poor at best.  It has definitely been challenging, but the end result has been very pleasing.  Come and see it at the Bristol Classic Motorbike Show.




I was asked if I could re-commission a Brough Superior SS100 which had been stood for many years in a damp barn and was in need of some TLC including repainting fuel tank, chroming, etc. Andy then asked if I would carry out a similar job on his Black Shadow.  This has turned out to be pretty much a full restoration and I am presently working on this.




The theme of the stand this year is 1956 and both the British Norton International and the German Maico Mobil will be at the Bristol Classic Motorbike Show, Shepton Mallet in February 2016, so please come along and visit the stand.

We may not be at the show in 2017, however we will be still open for business.  Just taking things a little easier!

Next update scheduled for end February 2016.


B S A C10L



The bike had been left lying in a barn for many years and was in very poor condition. It had all the signs of being used off road and being abandoned afterwards. Has gone through a total restoration by us for the customer.


Douglas (Sid) Nichols 1 April 1929 to 16 June 2012

2012 is coming to an end and 2013 is looming, how the time passes by. We said in 2011 we were going to do more motor cycling this year, unfortunately yet again things did not quite go to plan. For those of you who knew my Dad, Douglas (known as Sid), who came to many shows with us, he sadly passed away this year. He enjoyed going to the shows and chatting to all about bikes and days gone by.

So, as you can see motorcycling has been on a bit of a back burner throughout the summer (a thanks to customers being patient waiting for jobs throughout the summer, this was much appreciated). We did manage our usual French trip and for the first time the Norton Begonia Rally (a wet weekend in a leaky tent!) Met up with several old friends and some new ones. A particular thanks to Mick who braved the weather to show me the sights when others went to the bar (p.s. a true motor cyclist).

NOC International Rally at Skipton was a fantastic weekend, had a great time riding through the Yorkshire Dales and it was followed by a great party in the evening. Ian Loram, who is the proud owner of the International Norton you saw at last year’s show, was delighted to win a trophy (Best Cammy Norton). Really pleased for Ian, my identical bike was a bit muddy by judging time, and I didn’t win any prizes. Ah well, that’s life!

Ian Loram with his winning International Norton

Bristol Shepton Mallet Show 17th & 18th February 2013. We are currently working on two Norton Dominator Model 88 Deluxe’s. You may remember my sign up last year searching for a panel, well I found one! One is late 1959 and in blue/dove grey and the second bike is a 1962 and in red/dove grey (original factory colours).

Both bikes are at present part way through full restoration and will be at the Bristol Show and will be offered for sale. If anyone is interested in a particular bike you can contact me prior to the show and if you wish to see the bike under construction this can be arranged.

Restoration in progress

You will find us in the Main Hall again, Stand 18, which is where we were last year (which is on the corner, by the stairs that lead up to the bar – such a handy place to be!)
Look forward to seeing you all at the show.


MAY 2012:
Classic motorcycle enthusiasts from the South-West and beyond turned out in record numbers for the 32nd Carole Nash sponsored Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show.

The picture below shows our Norton International.
Classic Bike Guide April 2012 said: "It's each to their own but I know that for many this was the machine of the show. The late 1950's Norton International M30 was simply breathtaking. It's the property of, and has been restored by, Gordon Nicholls, the proprietor of Somerset based British Classic Motorbikes. It began as an engine and a frame and the rest of the parts have been collected hither and thither. What's more he did it in parallel with another such model, a barn fine, which he is keeping. "

Norton International M30
"The late 1950s Norton International M30 was simply breathtaking"
[Classic Motorcycle Mechanics - May 2012]

December 2011

International Nortons Model 30

Another year is coming to an end, every year seems to go quicker than ever. Work has been busy yet again this year which is great, but unfortunately the amount of motorcycling time has been less due to work and family commitments. We did however manage to take our annual trip to France and I also made it to the Isle of Man with some friends for the Manx GP.

Typical Isle of Man weather, some sunshine, lots of rain but great racing as usual. We met Maria Costello in an Italian restaurant one evening after just buying her book for a friend’s birthday present. She kindly signed the book for him and made his night! Had a great time and all went well in the Isle of Man, except for an expense not accounted for, the Inter clearly went too well and I managed to collect a speeding fine. Oh well one of those things!

There have been limited weekend runs for me this year, but I’m determined to change that in 2012 by participating in more club runs.

Shepton Mallet Bike Show 18th& 19th February 2012, you can find us in the Main Hall, Stand 18 (this is by the stairs that lead up to the bar, very handy and I’m sure you’ll pass by at some stage during the day). I’m currently working on two International Norton’s Model 30 1956, and one will be displayed at the show and will be offered for sale. The 2nd bike which will be on display is a 1965 Triumph T120, which I have just restored for Martin Holbrook.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again in 2012.

For 2013 show, I’m not sure at this stage what will be on display as I have a number of interesting projects;
1949 BSA Star Twin
1938 Model 18 Norton
1960 Norton Dominator Deluxe (ps we are missing a left hand front styling panel. If anyone can help please call!)


See you at the 2012 Show


A customer has sent in some very kind feedback for jobs completed, please take a minute to read it.


Gordon is a genuine all-round expert who does all aspects of motorcycle servicing, repair and restoration to a consistent high standard.

The workshop of British Classic Motorbikes is well equipped. It is crowded with projects, indicating a successful professional activity.

Gordon has been undertaking a full restoration of a BSA A7SS for me. He has fitted in resolving problems, left by previous paid restorers, with my Bantam and T100 engines.

Unlike some other restorers, some who are regularly publicised, Gordon does not cut corners, nor are machines at British Classic Motorbikes for an undue time because of other projects always taking priority or alternatively because of an insistence on expensively made parts.

At British Classic Motorbikes you get what you want and have agreed to, subject of course to it all being sound, enduring and roadworthy.

Gordon is a skilled craftsman who has a fine understanding of how things go, or should.

The charged hourly rates of British Classic Motorbikes compare very well with others.

Gordon readily gives advice. I have found that he is always right.

John Bowley

1957 99 Norton Dominator
We said that 2009 was a busy year for us however 2010 has not been any different, if anything, it has been more busy than ever. I also promised that the web page would be updated more regularly after giving up the garage, but this hasn’t given me the time I thought. In 2009 we had a number of projects for restoration as well as all the customer restoration projects, customer work took priority and only one of our restoration projects has materialised, which is a 1957 99 Norton Dominator. We will be using this Norton Dominator as one of our display models at the forthcoming Bristol Bike Show at Shepton Mallet on 19/20th February 2011.

In between all of the repairs and restoration work we have managed to do some motorcycling with a couple of great trips in particular which I would recommend to anybody. The first was a trip on my Norton Commando to Dijon Mid France, where we also visited the Moto Legand historic bike racing weekend. If this is the type of thing you like to do this was a great experience. The second long distance trip we managed was to Northern Spain, travelling from Portsmouth to Santander by ferry then travelling from Santander to Colombres with the Norton Owners Club on my trusty old Norton International again. This is probably the most mountainous and scenic parts of Northern Spain and well worth a trip. Next year we are hoping to go back to the Isle of Man for the Manx with guess what, the Inter again (I’ll wear it out one day).

Norton Navigator

Julie’s Navvy …..
Going back some time ago you will see from the pictures many boxes of bits. I was fortunate enough to purchase these Navigator parts off of a friend of mine, Chris, who had been collecting most of these parts over many decades. A couple of years ago I started to put together the jigsaw of what went where, what was missing, what we had six of and what I was going to have to find. Finally, earlier this year, I managed to MOT and register the bike. Unfortunately due to too much work and the odd holiday it has taken until the last part of the year before I have been able to spend any time sorting out minor teething problems. The bike now runs and looks great and it will be OK for Julie next summer.

Bristol Bike Show (Saturday 19th/Sunday 20th February 2011 at The Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6QN)…. we have Stand Number 12 in the Main Hall and we will be displaying our fully restored 1957 99 Dominator (which will be offered for sale after the show). We are also planning to display my 1947 International Norton which is currently undergoing the final stages of a running restoration. The third bike on the stand will be my trusty Vincent Black Shadow which was restored in 2005, has been to Oz and back and has covered a lot of miles since the restoration. She is still looking fresh which shows a good job lasts. 2011 looks to be a good year as this is my first bike show. Come along and see us, have a chat and see what we do.

I have two 1956 International Norton’s I am hoping to restore and display for 2012 show, where one bike will be offered for sale…. it’ll be another busy year!

We are always looking for interesting restoration projects whether for a customer or for me to take on as a personal project.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and see you at the bike show.

2009 was a busy year for us and there have been many changes.

The Summer was particularly hectic with a lot of classic bike repairs and partial restorations. During July a trip to Austria on the Norton International with the Norton Owners' Club was a great success and pushed the bike to its limits. A good time was had by all.

The end of year has seen the sale of the garage premises and setting up of a multi-purpose workshop to accommodate several new restoration projects and ongoing work. The projects lined up are a 1957 99 Norton Dominator, 1963 650SS Norton Dominator and a 1972 Honda CB750K2. We have these for restoration and they will be ready for sale as required. We still anticipate other partial restoration work and ongoing repairs.

Due to the busy year, we have not updated the website as often as we would like. However, going forward to 2010, we will provide more regular updates with regards to the restoration work and anything else of interest.

We understand classic bikes and their owners.

Call us and see if we can help you with your project.
Ask for Gordon on 01934 835745 or 07971 213632.

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